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Xtreme Surfdesign surfboard Modern Keel Lagos Algarve Portugal

Xtreme Surfdesign - Modern Keel

Retro fish with a modern twist.

The deep channel and relaxed rocker amplify the speed down the line and glide that typifies a twin fin. Tapered rails and thinned out swallow tail create bite and increase maneuverability. Best with twin fins for a more performance feel and with keel fins for the typical up and down glide of a retro fish.

Construction: PU.


25€ / day

Multi-day rentals:

4 days: 80€
5 days: 99€
6 days: 114€
7 days: 129€


5’11 x 20 3/4 x 2 7/16 (33.3L)

Available: 1

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