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Pyzel Surfboards Mid Length Crisis, Try before you buy in Lagos Algarve Portugal

Pyzel - Mid Length Crisis

All round mid length for small to solid waves.

The wide-point slightly forward of center and the rolled deck leave a lot of foam under the chest to help with paddling.

The rocker is a moderate, continuous curve running from tip to tail without any radical changes or flip. It is designed for fast paddling and smooth turning at any speed.

The bottom contour is a mild vee with double concave built into it. The vee helps the board tipping from rail to rail (easy rail to rail transitions through turns). The double concave creates bite when put on rail and keeps water under the board going down the line (which translates into speed!).

Construction: PU.

6’10 x 20 7/8 x 2 3/4 (41.9L) – FCS II single + 2 side fin setup

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