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Polen Surfboards Arion test rent buy in Lagos Algarve Portugal

Polen - Arion

Versatile board in small to medium waves.

Wide outline for easy paddling and stability. Single to double concave to V off the tail to create a speed engine under the front foot and manoeuvrability controlled by the back foot. Low/mid rails to add sensitivity and easy turning. The round winged tail loses some area in the tail which provides control and helps with thighter turns. Relaxed entry rocker to catch waves easily and medium tail rocker.

It’s all about volume and perfomance combined to make you enjoy small to medium waves.

Construction: PU.

6’0 x 21 1/8 x 2 5/8 (36.5L)  –  FCS II 3 fins setup
new: 620€ (promo) 495€

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