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Lost Surfboards Maysym Asymmetrical test rent buy in Lagos Algarve Portugal

Lost - Maysym

Asymmetrical surfboard.

The general concept is we surf differently on our heels versus our toes. Heel turns are more abrupt because heels have only one thick skinned sensor. Toe turns are more controlled because toes have 5 sensitive points of feedback. The Maysym is designed to be more forgiving on the heels (reduced surface area) with more resistance on the toes (a wider, longer rail). There are a lot of subtle adjustments to allow precise surfing both on heel and toe side.

Asymmetrical boards are not for “going right or left”, but are designed to work in symmetry with a regular or goofy footed surfer. At the moment only available in the shop for regular footed surfers (left foot forward).

Construction: PU.


25€ / day

Multi-day rentals:

4 days: 80€
5 days: 99€
6 days: 114€
7 days: 129€


5’10 x 21.00 x 2.5 (35.00L)

Available: 1

5’10 x 21.00 x 2.5 (35.00L)  –  FCS II 5 fins setup
test board: 645€

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