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Chilli surfboards Churro test rent buy in Lagos Portugal

Chilli - Churro

A small wave board that is forgiving, has a generous sweet spot and performs.

The Churro has a semi wide outline with a rounded square tail, just enough to be paddle friendly in small waves  and carry momentum through the flat sections but not too wide so it still performs. The rocker is relaxed from nose to tail but the board has enough curve to fit the curl of a small wave. The single concave under the front foot all the way back through the tail makes it fast board.

Winner of Stab Mags “Sinning Is More Fun In Summer” a small wave board test with Craig Anderson, Taj Burrow and Chippa Wilson.

Construction: PU.

6’0 x 20 x 2 1/2 (31.60L)  –  FCS II 3 fins setup