Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Magic Board Center?

Magic Board Center offers you an opportunity:

  • to try a quality surfboard without having to buy it
  • to rent a quality surfboard for the whole length of your stay without the hassle of bringing your own board
  • to avoid paying for the high airline transport fee
  • to change your board according to the surf conditions
  • to surf a quality board while your own board is in repair
  • to experiment with new boards when you are not happy with your current one(s)
  • to buy the same brand new model you just tried
  • to receive technical advice on surfboard shapes and how they influence your surfing, in order to shorten the road to your magic board.

Do I need to make a reservation for rent?

You don’t need to. You can show up and see what is available. If you have a clear preference, we recommend to make a reservation in order to make sure it is available upon your arrival.

What is the condition of the rental surfboards?

We maintain our boards in top condition and hope that you treat them as your own and do the same. We also ask to return the boards clean and free of sand.

Can I rent a wetsuit?

Yes. We offer 4/3mm full body O’Neill and Ocean&Earth back zip wetsuits for rent. We have all sizes of wetsuits, even for kids (from 8 years old). Wetsuit with board rental is 5€/day, without – 10€/day.

Do rental boards come with fins and leash?

All our rental surfboards come with fins and leash.
Category C surfboards come with standard Glass Flex FCS II fins. Since most surfers already have a nice set of fins that they choose to use, feel free to bring your own. Or you can rent our high-end fins at 2€ per day.
For convenience we offer high-end FCS II fins for sale in our shop.

What fin system do the rental boards have?

Category C surfboards and category B (except for longboards) have the new FCS II system, the keyless system for quick fin installation and release. The FCS II system is backwards compatible with all your favourite FCS dual tab fins.

Do you rent boardbags and roof racks?

We offer a board bag for fragile polyester boards for free. If you need we will also provide you with single or double soft roof racks for easy transport of surfboards on your car, free of charge.

Do you ask for a deposit?

As a guarantee, we ask our customers for a valuable document or a deposit of 300€ per board.

What if I damage the board?

Surfboards are fragile and we understand that accidents happen. If you damage the board, you will be liable for it. We have a detailed price list of what different damage costs to get repaired.
No need to worry too much about damages. It is the same situation as if you surf your own board. If you damage your own board, you will go to the shaper and pay for the repair. That exact same fee will be asked from you if you damage our boards. In case of broken boards we apply a “you break it – you buy it” policy.

I have found the board that does the magic. How can I buy it?

Congratulations. Your quest was successful!

These are the options:

  • you can buy the same brand new board from our stock, and get the test day for free
  • if we don’t have it in stock, we will check the stock from our partners and suppliers
  • we can order one for you at our supplier and forward it to you
  • anyhow we will always provide you with the exact measurements of the board in case you want to look for it yourself

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