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Xtreme surfdesign Wave Catcher mid length surfboard test rent buy in Lagos Algarve Portugal

Xtreme Surfdesign - Wave Catcher

All round mid-length (single fin + side bites).

Ideal board for surfers who want to increase their wave count. The relaxed entry rocker makes it easy to paddle into the wave early. Smooth vee bottom in the nose to cut through chop. Concaved vee (vee + double concave) in the back half of the board helps to transition from rail to rail without slowing down the board. Side finplugs have been added for those who like bite in their tight turns. Round pin tail provides sufficient support in hollow and steep waves but gives also the necessary area in slower sections of the wave.

Fun and loose board for a wide range of waves.

Construction: PU.

6’10 x 21 1/8 x 2 5/8 (40.8L) – 2+1 FCS II fins setup

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