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Surf shop & rentals in Lagos

Surf shop in Lagos Algarve Portugal, test drive surfboards, try before you buy
Magic Board Center Surf shop in Lagos Algarve Portugal
Free surfboard analyzing and test drive in Lagos
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Test drive surfboards in Lagos Portugal (Magic Board Center)

Magic Board Center is a technical surfboard shop and rental center in Lagos, Portugal.

  • We offer any level of surfer quality surfboards for test, rent and sale.

  • Wide selection of various shapes and sizes from pure performance surfboards to ultra fun planing hulls.

  • Our ‘Try before you buy‘ concept allows you to see if a surfboard works for you before bying it.

  • The overwhelming offer of surfboards on the market makes the right choice a challenge. Our goal is to help a surfer to find his magic board.

  • Our rental surfboard quiver will help you to avoid hassle and costs of travelling with surfboards.

Our features

Test drive surfboard in Portugal

Try before you buy

  • The search for the magic surfboard is complex and very personal.
  • Before you spend money on a surfboard that might not work for you, come and try it out first.
  • We will guide you in the process of finding that magic board.
Rent surfboard in Lagos

Rent quality surfboards

  • For surfers who don’t want the hassle of travelling with a surfboard and pay the high airline fees.
  • When your surfboard is in repair or does not work in the current surf conditions.
  • For novice surfers that do not have a surfboard yet.
Surfboards for sale in Lagos Algarve Portugal

Buy your Magic Board

  • If you have found the one that does the magic, you can buy the same brand new surfboard.
  • Choose the primary technical accessories (fins, leashes, wax, traction pads and boardbags) to make your surfboard experience complete.

How it works


We have over 60 new or slightly used surfboards available for testing. Choose the board you like and give it a try. If you buy a board, one test day comes for free. If not, it is 1 day rent. Online reservations are possible.


We offer over 60 boards in renting for all levels of surfers. Different sizes, shapes and materials. Change boards as much as you like. Discount for multi-day rentals. Online reservations are possible.


Brand new copies of most of our test boards are available for sale. The test boards are in good condition and also offered for sale.
Tried a board and want to customize it? We can make it happen!

What else do we offer

Test, rent or buy good surfboards in Lagos Algarve Portugal

Free analyzing of your board

Analyzing your current surfboard brings a wealth of information in the search for your magic board.

FCS fins, leashes and traction pads to rent and buy in Lagos Algarve Portugal

Surfboard accessories

Fins, leashes, traction pads, etc. are offered for sale to make your surfboard experience complete.

Rent and buy surfboard bag and roof racks in Lagos Algarve Portugal

Board bags and roof racks

We offer board bags and roof racks for rent and sale to make transport of surfboards safe and easy.

Get advice on surfboard, forecast and surfspots in Lagos Algarve Portugal

Advice on forecast and local surf spots

Every day we check the forecast to help you find the best waves in the current surf conditions.

Buy and rent surfboards in Lagos Algarve Portugal

Located in Lagos, close to the main surf spots

5 minutes from the spots on the South Coast and 25 minutes to the West Coast.

Free parking in Lagos Algarve Portugal

Park your car right in front of the shop, easy to carry and load the boards.


  • Go there! Magic Board Center is what every surf area needs. I always struggle with the decision to travel with my board — and give the airlines way too much money to toss my gear around like a discus — or rent. Renting is a gamble because you could end up choosing between a slightly-dinged, yellowed 25 liter potato chip or a ceiling-high log with 3 decades of wax build up. Magic Board Center offers a wide variety of high quality, nearly brand-new boards to rent or buy that you can swap out depending on the conditions. But by far the best part of this shop are the people. They are super-friendly, highly-knowledgeable, and flexible — they even delivered a board to me in Sagres! Magic Board Center helped make my first surf experience in the Algarve a truly memorable one, for all the right reasons. Go there!

    Jeffery W
    April 25, 2017 (Review from Google)
  • On the search for a copy of my old board, Magic Board Center advised me perfectly. After a test ride I couldn’t resist to buy it straight away.
    Saw it, surfed it, bought it. Unique way to buy your new board @magicboardcenter

    Testimonial buy surfboard Jerom
    June 22, 2016 (Review from Facebook)
  • Great opportunity to rent/ buy a high quality surfboard for a good price (if you want to avoid the airplane baggage charges). Rik, the owner, is a super friendly guy that really knows everything about surfboards and will give you the best consultation. Go there and enjoy 😉

    Rusty test drive surfboards and rentals in Lagos Algarve Portugal
    Verena P
    December 26, 2016 (Review from Google)
  • Great customer service, really knowledgeable and approachable and great concept for a store. Wide selection of Lost, Channel Islands, Chilli and Rusty boards. Got a lovely Lost board to rent at a very reasonable price. Convenient location with parking out front!

    Channel Islands Al Merrick test drive surfboards and rentals in Lagos Algarve Portugal
    Carol M
    March 11, 2017 (Review from Trip Advisor)
  • Awesome service!!! all the boards are brand new and realy cool. it’s a nice concept you can rent the boards you can buy them and you can test them. I rented a Muffin top from rusty and I’m realy happy with it. All the brands in the shop are from very good quality.
    If your searching for a surf rental or shop you should go to Magic board center, it’s awesome and the people are amazing. I’m very happy that I found this board shop/rental because it’s hard to find a good surf rental that give you so much information. Great shop!!!

    Testimonial surf rent Marijn
    August 3, 2016 (Review from Google)
  • Read the reviews! These guys are 5 star for a reason. Great service, price and selection of boards.

    Ryan S review
    Ryan S.
    April 17, 2017 (Review from Facebook)
  • If you’re looking for a walking surfboard wikipedia, go talk to Rik!

    Testimonial surfboard advise
    Jo D
    May 14, 2016 (Review from Facebook)
  • Excellent service !!! broke my fcsII fin with the plugs still in the box and a small scratch behind the box due the impact off the crash, they did a excellent job to repair it well done guys !!! keep up the good work

    Broken fcs fin stuck in plug
    Jochen S
    October 29, 2016 (Review from Facebook)
  • There is a reason these guys are 5 star rated. Excellent company with all the top boards, great prices and personalized service. I went to Lagos since I wanted to surf in the sun. It’s been rainy and grey in Seattle since October. I needed some vitamin D. When I got to Lagos, I started looking for surf lessons and board rental shops. I searched TripAdvisor & Google reviews. Most shops had overall positive feedback but also had negative feedback too. Every shop except this shop. They were 5 STAR rated. Reading through the reviews of them, was very encouraging. I decided to go visit them. Upon entering the shop for the first time, you realize this is a surf board shop. Not a clothing shop that also rents surfboards. This is what the real board shops look like that I visited in the USA & Brasil. There focus is on the boards, and it shows. They have all the top brands in the different styles and sizes. I was pleasantly suprrised to see they also had Tomo boards to purchase / rent. I’ve not seen that outside of the USA. There were two people who greeted me who I assume were the owners. They welcomed me in and we chatted for a bit. I explained what I was looking for and then the guy took me over to find the right board for me, while the gal looked up the different beaches to show me where I should go. The board I ended up renting was brand new! I was the first rider on it. While the guy was waxing the board, the gal explained the tides a bit for the Lagos area and gave me some tips and tricks. 15 minutes later I had a board and all the info I needed to enjoy a day of surfing in Lagos. And with their tips, I knew that the tide went out again at 4pm so I should hit it up shortly after and I can get an evening surf session in. Both the owners were fantastic. They gave me excellent service and rented me the perfect board for my day of surfing for a great value. I would highly recommend you check these guys out when visiting Lagos.

    Ryan S review
    Ryan S
    April 17, 2017 (Review from Trip Advisor)
  • This unique chance to test out high end and brand new boards and get so much insights from the owner…it was a pleasure and I will highly recommend you.
    Thanks Rik for helping me to find my perfect board!

    Siri with Rusty surfboard Smoothy
    Sirikit L
    November 21, 2016 (Review from Facebook)
  • Lovely lovely people and very helpful, showed us all the best spots and gave us all the info on tides etc. GREAT! We actually went surfing with Rik on one day as we were on the same beach coincidentally. He give us some on wave tips and Ksenia took some pictures and shared them with us. So friendly and the quailty of the boards were excellent. Thanks again.

    Rebecca S review
    Rebecca S
    March 31, 2017 (Review from Trip Advisor)
  • Magic Board Center is awesome for so many reasons: gorgeous shop, a rental inventory that you can view online, amazing people, and even better, if you reach out to them by phone, email, or message, they are so responsive, helpful, and understand the type of board/shape/volume needed for waves. 10 stars!!!

    Testimonial Rusty Smoothy
    China K
    January 4, 2017 (Review from Facebook)
  • The service offered by Rik is absolutely brilliant and new. I was able to test every Surfboard in the shop and find out what’s the best for me.
    With Rik’s technical and very professional help it’s so easy to find your new magic carpet.

    Testimonial surf rent Ulf
    Ulf S
    June 2, 2016 (Review from Facebook)
  • Best rental performance surf boards I have ever seen in a trip. An excelente option if you are thinking of not bringging a board for your trip or even buying one here and taking it back home and save half of the airfare. They have lots of quality brands, Rusty, Chili, Al Merrick, Tomo, etc. Great service and really helpful on where and when to surf each spot. They even put a new deck in my rental board for a couple of days rent. Thanks Rik!

    April 20, 2017 (Review from Trip Advisor)

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